Natural Cleansing Weight Loss Program

Begin Your Journey To A Slimmer, Healthier You With Our Natural Cleansing Weight Loss Program

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Thanks for coming to our page. This page will guide you to getting started with our NATURAL CLEANSING WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM.

When you’re trying to lose weight, the biggest challenge is finding a weight-loss plan that fits seamlessly into your life. That’s why we’ve developed a 30-day program that doesn’t require:

  • You to completely change your diet or starve.
  • Spend a ridiculous amount of time at the gym or running around.
  • Spend so much money on a workout plan, diet or weight-loss drugs.

This program takes into consideration your HEALTH, DIET, MONEY and TIME.

This program is divided into four stages, during which you will get:

  • Sustainable weight loss tips and plans
  • Complete detox of your entire body system to get rid of toxins
  • Complete nutritious, fat-burning meal plan.
  • A simple exercise plan that drastically improves your metabolism, causing you to burn fat even in your sleep.
  • Expert advice on losing weight for specific body types
  • An additional FREE pack of nutritional supplements that quickens your weight loss process.

With this program, there’s no reason why you cannot lose up to 5kg in 1 week. That’s not all, you benefit from other extraordinary results such as:

  • Get a smaller waistline without using a waist trainer.
  • Shed the excess weight especially stubborn weight around your arms, tummy, back, chin, thighs and legs.
  • Regain and retain high-energy levels and concentration levels.
  • Look sexy and feel confident.
  • Drop the ‘baby weight’ for women and ‘beer pot belly’ for men.
  • Have clear, firm, glowing and smooth skin.
  • Detoxify your entire system and get rid of toxins.
  • Reduce risks of getting diabetes, high blood sugar & pressure, lowers cholesterol levels and manages other weight induced health conditions.
  • Significantly improves your chances getting pregnant and regulates menstrual flow.

How this workout program work

This weight loss program involves cleansing, healthy eating, exercise and nutritional supplements, divided into four steps, designed to give you quick sustainable results.

Step One: Complete cleansing with our special lemon juice recipe to help clean out your digestive system.

Step Two: commence taking aloe gel from our Natural Supplement Pack, to help detoxify and provide natural support for your immune system as you kick-start this program. This aloe gel is part of the natural supplement pack which you get for free once you enrol.

Step Three: Benefit from our fat-burning meal plans, smoothie recipes, meal replacements and shakes, which are loaded with sufficient nutrients your body needs to function properly. A key principle of sustainable weight loss is eating healthy, delicious meals and we will guide you on what to eat and how to make them.

Step Four: Partake in a light exercise regime that you can do even in your bedroom for just 15minutes, which allows you to increase your metabolism rate in order to burn the excess body fat. This doesn’t only keep your body in good shape but also provide numerous health benefits that ensure you do not see the four walls of a hospital.

Plus, you join a support group and gain access to expert advice on weight loss and health tips.

Before I go further, here are confirmed results from some of our clients that have gone through this program.


You Too Can Achieve This Outstanding Results When You Enroll Today!


Get Started Today And Get All These For A Period Of 30 Days!

Our Special Discount program For Today Cost N25,000

(Original Price is N35,000)

Plus a delivery fee of N1, 500 to get your FREE Natural Supplements Starter Pack, delivered at your doorsteps.


Follow the Instructions below to enrol:

Make a deposit/transfer of N25, 000 plus N1, 500(delivery fee)

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)


Account No: 0200830404

Once you make payments, send your payment details To 08188899334 [SMS/WHATSAPP] as follows:

  • Code: Natural Cleansing Weight Loss Program
  • Name
  • Preferred Phone Number
  • Address Including Local Government Area

For example, Natural Cleansing Weight Loss Program, Tosin Viv, 08188899334, No 82 Wuraola House Allen Avenue Ikeja Local Government, Lagos 


Once we receive your order and your payment is confirmed, you will be enrolled in the program and you begin your journey to a healthy, slim body.

Your FREE Natural Supplements Starter Pack contains 1 litre of aloe gel, 70 garcinia plus softgels, and 1 packet meal replacement shake (15 servings).

N:B – These Natural Supplements packs are 100% Natural, made from the finest herbs and plants in the United States of America. They have no side effects as it’s just as they are like fruits or vegetables BUT with lots more Health Benefits.



            Builds your body’s defence system naturally and fights against stress.

            Cleanses your digestive system, and ensures a greater feeling of wellbeing.

            Increases your energy levels and helps you to maintain a healthy body weight.

            Naturally detoxifies your system and improves regular bowel movement.

            Prevents effects of ageing and improves skin glow.

            Extremely healthful for your mouth, gums and entire body.



            Lowers the amount of fat loss by rapidly using up stored fat.

            Suppress your appetite and reduce cravings for food.

            Increase your ability to exercise.

            Increase energy and concentration levels.

            Improve bowel movement.

            Reduce joint pains.


            Nutrient-packed, low-calorie snack and convenient to use.

Blocks hunger and is a complete meal at just 90calories, which aids in the breakdown of body fat and inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates to fat.

            Detoxifies and aids digestive health.



This is a one-time offer for the first 30 people to register as we have a limited number of these Natural Supplement Starter Packs.

Due to high demand, we have a limited number of Packs of the Product Ready to be shipped out to our customers anywhere in Nigeria.

NOTE: This pack comes inclusive of the Entire Program when you enrol

Exclusive Discount Price For The First 30 People Today Cost N25, 000 plus N1,500 Delivery.

Original Price is N35, 000

Our Delivery Period is within 1-5 Working Days Depending On Your Location


Get Your Pack Now, Send the Following Information:

Your Full Name

Your Full House or Office Address

Phone Number

To 08188899334


It’s time to let go of the excess weight you’ve been carrying around.

My goal is to give you value while helping you achieve your dream body. Saving you lots of time, energy and finally putting a smile on your face. I’ve worked with hundreds of people to achieve their body and health goals over time and perfected this program for an easy, painless, sustainable weight loss.

That is why I’m giving you this one-time pass at registering at a heavily discounted Price…

Don’t miss this opportunity. Lose Weight For Good.




Your Health and Weight Loss Coach.





ONE MORE THING… food is hard to resist and giving up on all your sweet treats is difficult. Trust me, I know. That’s why I’m offering you a backup plan. Here’s a one-stop solution for all your cheat days. This natural supplement will prevent you from absorbing the extra calories you consume. It blocks the absorption of calories from fats and carbohydrates and temporarily inhibits the body’s absorption of calories from sugar.

Now Available!

LEAN contains two revolutionary ingredients that can help reduce the body’s absorption of calories from fat and carbohydrates. The first of these ingredients is a unique, fat-absorbing fibre derived from the cactus plant, Opuntia ficus-indica, otherwise known as Indian fig, nopal or prickly pear. Studies have shown that this unique fibre has a very high ability to bind fats, compared to other types of plants.

Lean contains 120 capsules

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