In order to have a healthy and productive pregnancy, fertility massage and cleansing is a great place to begin. A fertility massage which is also known as Mayan abdominal massage is a completely natural fertility therapy that works directly with the abdomen of a woman and is designed to help women take-in. Fertility massage has been used for many years to assist with fertility and it typically works by putting the reproductive organs into proper alignment and increase blood flow which may help improve fertility chances.

If you are trying to conceive, you should consider getting a fertility massage which is an inexpensive addition to natural fertility treatments. It can be done by an expert or you could learn how to apply the techniques yourself.

Is Fertility Massage For You?

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, then a fertility massage may help in soothing the symptoms while increasing your chances of conceiving. These include:

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

In PCOS, fertility massage can assist in breaking down the formed cysts while boosting and balancing the hormones.

    Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Blockages in the fallopian tubes can be unblocked with the help of a thorough correctly applied massage techniques applied to the exact spots. It aids in breaking down bonds while helping the body to get rid of the remaining tissues.  This also applies to twisted Fallopian Tubes

    Endometriosis

The unwanted growth of endometrial tissues outside the uterus causes irritation then can create scar tissue. This, in turn, can cause organs to begin to stick to the scar tissue. Fertility cleansing may contribute to breaking down the excessive growth of endometrial tissue. However, it is unlikely that fertility massage can completely cure this condition on its own.

    Fibroids

When the massage is frequently applied, it may help break down fibroids when regularly.

    Hormonal Imbalance

Fertility massage involves the gentle stimulation of the reproductive system. This stimulation enables the movement of fresh, oxygenated blood which helps regulate and balances hormones

    Amenorrhea (no menstruation), Blood clots during menstruation.

    Poor Egg Nourishment

Increase in blood flow of oxygenated blood to the ovaries due to the stimulations during fertility massage can help in improving egg quality, production and nourishment.

Another crucial factor for egg health is good oxygen, nutrients, and circulation. Fertility massage helps in bringing the much-needed circulation to the ovaries, by supplying the eggs with oxygen and antioxidants.

    Unexplained Infertility

Inexplicable reasons for infertility is usually harder to accept but the best approach is to commit to creating a healthy body and a healthy mind. Fertility massage significantly increases egg health and considerably lower stress levels. High levels of stress usually interfere with conception.

    Ovarian Cysts

Fertility massage may be helpful in remedying the symptoms of ovarian cysts by helping to clear out congestion, reduce inflammations, and promote hormonal balance. However, you should exercise caution and avoid directly massaging an ovary that has an ovarian cyst, especially if the ovarian cyst is quite large.

    Tilted uterus

It boosts uterus health by facilitating to realign a tilted uterus. Fertility massage equally increases the circulation to warm a “cold uterus” by bringing in nutrient fresh, oxygenated blood, and break up scar tissue and adhesion in order to tone uterine walls and improve its functions.

    Accumulation of toxins

    High FSH levels

    Pain during ovulation

    Stress and anxiety

If you experiencing any of these conditions, then you should consider getting a fertility massage.


Generally, any massage is designed to release stalked up tension and tune you into your body. Fertility massage is a great way of relieving stress and balancing hormones.  The many reproductive benefits to receiving a fertility massage include:

    Strengthens the reproductive organs.

    Prepares the muscles for childbirth.

    Cleans out fallopian tubes to ensure unhindered movement by both the egg and the sperm.

    Improves digestion and fights any discomfort in and around the abdomen.

    Prevents depression, relieves stress and promotes relaxation.

    Removes unwanted tissue growth especially around the pelvic area.

    Helps in the repositioning of a tilted uterus.

    Generates stimulation that can help break down cysts in the case of a polycystic ovarian syndrome.

    Aids in reducing painful cramps and decreases blood clots during menstruation.

    Regulates the menstrual cycle and sorts out irregularities.

    Enhances liver detoxification and cleans out excess hormones.

    Breaks up pelvic bonds and stimulates blood circulation to heal scar tissue.

    Promotes and improves hormonal balance.

    Increases the circulation of oxygenated blood to the uterus, ovaries and cervix.

    Increases endocrine system communication.

It’s evident that using massage therapy to support fertility is essential. As there are many challenges that fertility massage may be able to relief.

When To Apply The Fertility Massage

Fertility massage is all about timing, it’s important to consider the different phases of your menstrual cycle. It should be carried out only between the stages of menstruation and ovulation and not done during your periods. Typically, a regular menstrual cycle lasts about 28 days and consists of four distinct phases, which include:

Menstrual – day 1-5

Follicular – day 1-13

Ovulation – day 14

Luteal – day 15-28

As stated previously, fertility massage is not to be applied during menstruation. Secondly, the therapy should also not be administered during the luteal phase post ovulation or pregnancy. This is to avoid any chances of miscarriage should conception take place after the ovulation phase. In case you feel any kind of pain or discomfort while self-massaging, make sure to stop immediately.

The optimal time to undergo fertility massage therapy is immediately after the menstrual phase has finished, just before the ovulation phase begins.

It’s imperative to closely monitor your cycle ahead of getting a fertility massage in order to avoid complications. Another important fertility treatment to consider is fertility cleansing.

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