In today’s world, more and more people are talking about not only the effects, but also the causes of premature aging. Around us is a huge mass of the factors that causes the formation of free radicals in the body known, which literally “eat” us, and we are not able to do much about it.

All of us have heard about these very active molecules, but do they find themselves inside our bodies? Well, the cause of the formation of free radicals is reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are a by-product of oxygen metabolism, resulting in oxidative stress.

These are compounds which have unpaired electrons in their system, characterized by a high reactivity. ROS act destructively and are one of the causes of aging in organisms – including your skin. Fortunately, Forever Living Products will not leave us at the mercy of free radicals.

33 years ago, the company gave us a powerful weapon, which is pure Aloe Vera pulp, and as of recent we have Natures’18. Reaching for the latest achievements of cosmetology, FLP created a complete skin care program. With us and our skin in mind, Sonya Skin Care Collection was created.

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A fundamental component of all products in the Sonya Skin Care Collection is pure aloe, whose beneficial effects on the skin have been recognized in antiquity. However, the novelty which can be found in the set is an extract from the leaves of white tea.

White tea is a natural antioxidant, which literally scavenges free radicals. Because it is easily absorbed, it protects our skin from UV radiation, strengthens connective tissue and blood vessels, and inhibits the oxidation of unsaturated fats.

Thus, white tea is a highly active antioxidant. Additionally, it protects against photo-aging.

Sonya Skin Care Collection is:
Aloe Vera Facial Cleansing Gel that contains aloe vera extract, citrus fruit which is a valuable source of bioflavonoids, beta-carotene, and minerals. Effect on the skin includes refreshing and strengthening, as well as lightening, and soothing of irritation.

Cucumber extract provides the skin with organic acids, enzymes, vitamins A, B, C, microelements (iron, zinc, manganese, copper), and sulfur. In this way, the skin is sufficiently hydrated and flexible. In addition, it gives purifying and regenerating properties.

Refreshing Aloe Lotion contains aloe vera, cucumber extract, moisturizing glycerin, jojoba oil which gives the skin a soft texture, white tea extract, and hyaluronic acid well-known for its hygroscopic properties which, together with glycerine, prevents water loss from the epidermis.

Aloe Vera Deep Cleansing Scrub for face and neck, where enzyme functions meet pure aloe and mechanical peeling – hydrogenated jojoba oil beads. In addition, glycerin, cucumber extract, and citrus fruits refresh, cleanse, and help regenerate the skin after each treatment.

Aloe Nourishing Serum for the face and neck. This cosmetic miracle deserves a separate article! Everyone who has ever used this wonderful product will know why.

The Serum is not only a delicious cocktail of nourishment for our skin; it is also an excellent base for make-up and the silicone sensational “dry oil” rejuvenating massage! Aloe, glycerin, and extracts from the bark of mimosa regenerate, heal, restore the skin, provide anti-bacterial function, and strongly moisturize.

With this, extracts from white tea help Aloe Vera serum give the skin a silky feeling, almost like “an injection of youth” for our skin. Remember that if you use the serum daily, it’s always after applying Aloe Soothing Cream.

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Complementing the program is Aloe Soothing Cream for face and neck, which compiles the best ingredients from all products Sonya Skin Care Collection.

Aloe Vera, white Stea extracts, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, citron fruit extract and to facilitate distribution of silicone gel cause that beautifully scented cream is not only moisturizing – regenerating a feast for the body, but also for the senses!

The great advantage of these products is their performance. A bit of serum or cream is enough to cover the entire face and neck. Sonya Skin Care Collection was created with not only that in mind, but also to ensure the highest quality cosmetics.

Beautiful packaging and functionality, smart in every detail, is the key to success Sonya Skin Care Collection. Remember that 1 cup of white tea contains as many antioxidants as 12 glasses of orange juice! Interestingly, it contains about 30% more antioxidants than the popular green tea.

Here are the products you will find in the kit on the white tea:

ALOE PURIFYING TONER – Aloe Cleansing Gel to the face and neck The first step in the Sonya Skin Care Collection regime, this remarkable cleanser with aloe and fruit extracts is designed to gently remove makeup and debris without over drying. Sonya Aloe Purifying Cleanser will leave your face feeling wonderfully soft, fresh and clean each time you cleanse.

Directions for use: Use morning and evening. Apply the gel to your fingertips and massage in hands. Massage into the face and neck to remove makeup and impurities. Wipe off the gel with a cotton swab, then rinse face and neck with warm water.

ALOE REFRESHING TONER – Aloe refreshing tonic for the face and neck. This soft, refreshing lotion with aloe and white tea helps skin retain moisture.

Directions for use: Use morning and evening, after using Sonya Aloe Purifying Cleanser. Apply with a cotton swab on the face and neck, where necessary, and to other parts of the skin.

ALOE NOURISHING SERUM – Aloe nourishing serum for the face and neck. This wonderful serum with white tea protects and restores proper hydration of the skin, helping it to maintain a youthful appearance.

Directions for use: Use morning and evening, after using Sonya Aloe Refreshing Toner. Put onto your fingertips, rub in the hands and apply to face and neck, where necessary, and to other parts of the skin.

ALOE BALANCING CREAM – Aloe soothing cream for the face and neck. This cream contains Aloe Vera, as well as revitalizing extracts and moisturizers to help keep hydrated and youthful looking skin.

Directions for use: Use morning and evening, after applying Aloe Nourishing Serum. Open the jar and remove the spatula and the protective circle. Use the spatula to get some cream on the circle, use your fingertips and apply the cream from the circle on the face and neck. Then massage into the skin. After each use, rinse the spatula and protective circle with hot water and dry with a towel, then put them back in the jar to re-use.

ALOE DEEP-CLEANSING EXFOLIATOR – This deep-cleansing but gentle defoliator with aloe and natural jojoba beads is the perfect combination to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Aloe makes the perfect moisturizing agent while the gentle jojoba beads give your skin that deep down clean it deserves.

Directions for use: Use about 2 times a week after cleansing with Sonya Aloe Purifying Cleanser. First wet your face with water, then apply the scrub and gently massaged into the skin with your fingertips (avoiding the eye area) for about two or three minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat your face dry with a clean towel.

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What is the difference between Sonya Skin Care Collection and Aloe Fleur de Jouvence?
The products in the innovative, new Sonya Skin Care Collection are the result of a ground breaking anti-aging technology and uses the highest quality ingredients such as aloe vera, fruit extracts, white tea, and very moisturizing substances. These products are designed to work together synergistically to achieve a beautiful, healthy, radiant complexion.

Are new products designed for both older and younger skin?
Now Sonya Skin Care Collection is recommended for all skin types, regardless of age. Normal skin care starts from basic daily hygiene, while moisturizing the skin and keeping it nourished with important substances, such as those in the Sonya Skin Care Collection. And remember – the better you take care of your skin now, the less you will have to fix in the future!

How does Aloe Nourishing Serum vary from Alpha-E Factor?
Both are excellent products, rich in antioxidants and moisturizers to help counteract the negative effects of the environment on the skin. The Serum is a concentrated formula, in which the proportions of the key ingredients are slightly higher than in conventional creams and emulsions, which gives better results. Aloe Nourishing Serum is a light, silky formula, which contains some of the most powerful natural moisturizers that help to rejuvenate the skin, resulting in a timeless beauty. Alpha-E Factor is formulated differently – it is a lightweight, oil-based moisturizing fluid, rich in aloe vera and antioxidant vitamins. Both products are beneficial to the skin regardless of its age, so you might want to try both products individually or in combination, to see which suits you more.

Is Aloe Balancing Cream a day cream or a night cream? Does it require the Fleur de Jouvence Fabrique or is it applied jut to the skin at night?
Aloe Balancing Cream is the perfect cream for both night and day. When you use it in conjunction with Aloe Nourishing Serum, your skin receives a significant portion of antioxidants while moisturizing. This potent mix, along with stabilized Aloe Vera pulp and white tea protects the skin hydration and supplements to help maintain a youthful appearance and incredible radiance. It does not require the fabrique, just apply it on your face and massage it in before sleep!

What are the benefits of white tea for skin care products such as Aloe Refreshing Toner and Aloe Nourishing Serum?
White tea has powerful antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals and reduce the visible signs of aging. Clinical studies have also shown that the polyphenols in white tea increases the elasticity of the skin.

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