Yah it’s a weekend of love! It’s not just another opportunity to make beautiful babies using fertility treatment but a season to share love and intimacy with your partner.

I’m thinking taking time off, lovely warm baths, candle dinners, flowery words, looking gorgeous, chocolates and lots of smiles. Create a lovely moment, making babies should be fun.

We all have different ways and ideas for a perfect Valentine’s Day. How about starting out with gratitude. Grateful for another Valentine season, grateful for being alive and breathe, just breath.

Have sex and get pregnant, right? But it’s not always that simple. In fact, if you’re having a hard time getting pregnant it could be as a result of stress.

Minor stressors can throw your body out of balance and can interfere with conception.

In fact, if you’re finding it difficult to get pregnant, you’ve probably heard the “Just relax and it will happen” phrase from well-meaning family and friends and studies show they might be right.

Chronic stress levels can trigger high levels of hormones like cortisol or epinephrine which adversely affects ovulation. However, indulging in well deserving relaxation routines can reduce stress and increase blood flow to the uterus which may boost conception.

What are you waiting for? Spoil yourself with care. Take time to clear your mind of negative and stress-inducing thoughts.

If you’re trying to conceive, it’s important to note that loving is fertile; it promotes growth and creates a way in.  Some getaway tips that cost nothing include:

  • Try meditating
  • Listen to good music
  • Play with your kids/partner.
  • Take a power nap
  • Give long hugs
  • Keep a gratitude journal

Eat Healthily

Make sure to stay well nourished. Chew on top foods that can boost fertility that include; enough protein, iron, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D in your diet. Lack of these nutrients can be detrimental by lowering the chances of conception and increases risks of early miscarriages.

Reconsider Drinking

Dinner parties can be very tempting but remember, alcohol alters estrogen levels, which can obstruct egg implantation. Although pouring an occasional sip during your dinner is unlikely to harm fertility. Cut back on caffeine to about 200mg of caffeine per day while you try conceiving and during your pregnancy.

Take your Supplements

Nutritional supplements can be used to help support your body’s reproductive health. They usually come in pill form and popping one daily can help get your body ready for baby.

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Happy Valentine!!!

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