Soy Protein plays an important part in a healthy, well-balanced diet to nourish the body with high quality protein low in saturated fat and cholesterol free.

Studies confirm that soyfoods boost health at all ages! Whether you are interested in being more heart healthy, wanting to lose weight, or seeking healthful snacks, soy foods can fit into every lifestyle.  Health and Nutrition organizations recognize the important role that soyfoods play in the diet for many health-conscious people.

In addition to its awesome benefits of weightloss, Soy Protein protects against heart disease, controls diabetes and tastes great. Exciting new studies indicate that soy protein show promise for boosting mental ability, and protecting against bone loss and some types of cancer.

Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein – Meal Replacement Shake

Introducing the new and improved Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein. Now with fewer carbohydrates and higher protein content, it contains 100% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for vitamins and minerals and is available in delicious new Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.


What is so different in Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein?

Well for one, the new and improved Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein has the complete and total benefits of soy protein. Emerging science has revealed that soy protein alone can provide some unique advantages over using the combination of whey and soy.

Consider this table showing the benefits of a whey/soy protein blend vs. a soy only protein:

One of the best parts about soy protein is that they have numerous nutritional benefits, they are as follows:


  1. Soy Protein Helps Reduce LDL Cholesterol

The FDA has extensively reviewed research and concluded that a low fat diet diet which includes at least 4 servings of soy protein to make up at least 25 grams of soy protein each day plays an important part in reducing the bad cholesterol, known as LDL cholesterol and lower blood total cholesterol which is a proven risk factor for coronary heart disease.

  1. Soy Protein Reduces the Risk Of Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

As mentioned, soy protein does not reduce the amount of HDL cholesterol at all, but it does reduce the bad kind, LDL cholesterol. Doctors say a drop of 1% in cholesterol amounts works out to about a 2% drop in the risk of heart disease. The health benefits of this alone make a strong case for adding soy protein to the diet. Including soy protein in the diet on a regular basis will continue to lower cholesterol over time, producing healthier veins, blood flow and a healthier heart.

  1. Soy Protein Helps Make Other Food More Effective

Because of the amino acids found in soy protein products, other foods that enter the body are able to be used more effectively and processed into energy. There are a number of amino acids we can only obtain from food sources and soy protein contains many of these which allow us to get the full benefits from other foods.

Soy protein also appears to support exercise performance, and because it is such a high quality protein, it satisfies the greater need athletes have for protein during muscle-building.

The other difference about Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein is…

Aminotein, which is a unique blend of enzymes specifically designed to break down protein and to ensure proper digestion and optimal absorption of amino acids.

Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein supplies 18 important amino acids, including essential, non-essential and the branch-chain amino acids.  Make Forever Lite Ultra part of your healthy diet.

Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein is also part of our weight management programs. It will provide you with the nutrition you need while putting you on the path to effective and sustained weight management!

Benefits of Forever Lite Ultra Vannilla

  • For your low-carb lifestyle
  • Naturally flavored without artificial ingredients
  • Ideal for weight management
  • Supports healthy muscle & heart
  • Promotes energy & long lasting stamina
  • Aids digestion & absorption of amino acids
  • Two shakes provides 100% RDI of numerous vitamins and minerals

Direction: Blend or mix 1 level scoop with 10 fl oz of skim milk or water.
For a special treat, mix with crushed ice or fruit. Shake can before each use.

Suggested Use To Control Weight

  • To lose weight – replace 2 meals with 2 servings
  • To gain weight – add 2 servings to meals
  • To maintain weight – replace 1 meal with 1 serving

So take the plunge with our new and improved Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein shake mix. Be consistent in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and mix a shake or two every day. Make Forever Lite Ultra part of your healthy diet.

Click Here To Watch These Free Video On The Benefits Of Forever Lite Ultra With Aminotein.


Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein Shakes from Fran Zuccala on Vimeo.


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